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Decorated Sugar Cookies starting at $25/doz
Sugar cookie prices vary based on complexity of design, and orders must be a minimum of 2 dozen.
Each dozen comes with one design and 2 colors plus white; additional designs available for $3 each, additional colors for $1 each.
Truffles bite size $25/doz large $35/doz
Bonbons bite size $25/doz large $35/doz
Cake Pops bite size $20/doz large $30/doz
Bite Size $12/doz.
Small $22/doz.
Medium $33/doz.
Jumbo $50/doz.
Add Filling $5/doz

Custom Cakes

Smash Cake (4″ cake) $25
6″ Cake (16 servings) $64
8″ Cake (24 servings) $96
9″ Cake (36 servings) $144
10″ Cake (48 servings) $192
Custom Cakes are 3 layers per tier prices listed are starting prices
final prices determined by decor


6″ and 8″ (40 servings) $175
8″ and 10″ (72 servings) $303
6″ + 8″ + 10″ (88 servings) $367

Grab-n-Go Cakes

4″ cake (4-6 servings) coming soon
6″ Cake (10-12 servings) coming soon
8″ Cake (16-18 servings) coming soon
Grab-n-Go Cakes are 2 layers



There are so many factors that will determine the final cost of a wedding cake. In general, tiered wedding cakes start at $5/serving and wedding cupcakes start $4 each. We offer complimentary pricing consultations to help you fit a delicious cake into your budget.

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